365bet Blackjack – New Variations to Try Now

365bet Blackjack

Just because a game is as classic as blackjack, does not mean there aren’t a ton of different ways to play it. For instance, 365bet blackjack providers made absolute sure that to bring some fresh and exciting variations of the already popular card game. There are some very diverse and interesting new ways to enjoy 365bet blackjack. Moreover, these are available on the mobile and desktop sites. As one of the top games for players who want to win some serious money, you can’t go wrong with one of the many options for blackjack at 365bet.

How to Play 365bet Blackjack


  • Blackjack is not only one of the most intense, but also a very easy game. One that any player can learn to play in just minutes. To play win in blackjack, all you need to do is get 21, or closer to it than the dealer without busting. It pays roughly double your wager and you get almost an 50% chance to win. Moreover, since 365bet blackjack has one of the lowest house edge, you can be sure that it’s worth your time to play.

Blackjack Switch

One of the most recent types of 365bet blackjack games is called blackjack switch. This is a variant of the game with a simple twist that makes a big difference. For instance, in this game you play two different hands instead of one. And you can switch cards from one hand to next to make both hands stronger.

As most blackjack games will always give the dealer an advantage, this can make this even more beneficial for the player. However, when the dealer gets 22, instead of busting, it counts as a push against a player who doesn’t get 21.

European Blackjack

365bet Blackjack

European is another one of the new 365bet Blackjack variations to look for. In this version, the main differences to how it’s played is in how the cards are dealt. For instance, the dealer gets two cards first in typical blackjack games. But in this variation, the player gets only one card, face-up first. This only affects doubling and splitting, in addition to a few other rules regarding this area.

If you’re a new player, you may want to check out a few typical variations of blackjack before trying this one.

Progressive Blackjack

Casinos have taken something from your favorite slot games and added it to blackjack. While progressive blackjack isn’t very different from traditional games. This one has the addition of a side bet that can earn you a very sizeable bonus. Basically, you win when you receive an ace card showing face up. If both your cards are aces, even better, as you get an even bigger jackpot payout.

For more advanced possibilities, you could get two aces that suit, or four consecutive aces. Which could lead to payouts in the millions. Depending on the size of the progressive jackpot at that time.

Blackjack – Double Exposure

For another interesting twist, Double Exposure 365bet blackjack is sure to excite. In this variation, you see both of the dealer’s cards before you decide what to do. Obviously, this is a huge advantage for the player. However, to counteract this, all ties become a win for the dealer. With the only exception being when the dealer and the player both have 21. In this situation, the players get back their wager.

Final Thoughts

Here you have several new and interesting versions of the game of blackjack with some pretty exciting twists. However, there is no shame in preferring the original game that millions all over the world already know and love. Check out the 365bet blackjack section for these and many more classic variations. We guarantee that you will never have the need to go anywhere else to enjoy this addictive and highly rewarding casino favorite.

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