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Slot Games You Can’t Get Enough Of

Looking for the newest and highest paying slot games online? Good thing you’re at 365Bet, because this where you’ll find an unrivalled selection of games that will blow you away. Online slots games no longer aim to be replicas of the ones you find in traditional establishments. These days, the features and gameplay of them are often much better than physical slot games. At 365 Bet you get the most comprehensive list of slots. From progressives boasting millions in jackpots to impressive video slots that provide hours of entertainment. Some of these games are even interesting enough to play for free. Although we can all agree that the main purpose of playing is for the chance to win some money.

Slot Bonuses

 The bonuses you get on slot games are some of the best you can expect. For example, free spins, match bonuses and reload offers are perfect for slots players. Since it gives you the chance to play more games and therefore get greater odds of actually winning.

Right now, when you create an account at 365 Bet, you get a bonus that’s unbeatable. For more information take a look at our promotions page and see for yourself all of the amazing deals no matter which type of game you’re looking for.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

 When the jackpot increases by a small amount evert time someone plays the game, this is known as a progressive jackpot slot. Once someone wins the prize, it goes back to a predetermined amount to start building up again.

The reason these are the most popular games ever is very simple. They often reach amazing sums before someone wins. Sometimes, this can even be millions of dollars in a single spin. In fact, all of the biggest prizes ever won in slot game history were on progressives.

Therefore, anyone looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, should look no further than the biggest progressive jackpot around.

Types of Jackpots

 There is a much wider variety of slot games than most people realize. For instance, you might assume that most are the same with varying themes. Since all you do to win them is spin the reels and hope for the best outcome. However, there are actually some very significant differences between the categories of slots. Even within certain game types like progressives there are key elements that change.

For example, standalone progressives are the games that have a progressive jackpot which is not linked to any other game. Of all the money that goes into it, the majority goes toward the jackpot.

Then, there are the in-house jackpots. Which is a group of games that connect and contribute toward one large jackpot. This allows the prize to increase at a much faster pace than standalone games. However, the volatility goes down, since more players are competing for the same prizes.

Lastly, and these are the jackpots we all dream about. The networked progressive jackpots, which are not just linked games within one casino, but several at once. Naturally, these are the fastest growing but also hardest games to win. But the incredible thing is that all it takes is that one lucky spin and you may never need to worry about money again in your lifetime.

Classic Slots

 Classic online slot games don’t necessarily need to have been around for decades. It mainly refers to a style of game that users consider the easiest to play. Basically, these games consist of three reels and are a throwback to the very first slot games created.

Most are fixed jackpot, and when you spin the reels and get a winning combination, you win a cash prize. The only thing that makes these get a less popular each year is that providers are coming out with games that have far more options. For example, giving you the chance to play more lines and activate certain features that enhance the gameplay and allow you to win bigger.

Five-Reel Slots

 A large percentage of the games online fall under the category of five-reel games. And what players love about them is that they still have the simplicity of classic games but are a little more exciting to play.

These slot games usually have very unique and fun themes that attract players to give them a try. Such as high-quality graphics, sound effects and features which are very exciting to play. They are also entirely based on software, which allows providers to get as creative as they want with the gameplay and special features.

More and more games are becoming available with more than five-reels. With some going up much more to provide a more complex experience. Nonetheless, the goal of slots never change, it will always be about getting that winning combination that pays you.

Interactive Slots

 There is no longer a chance that you’ll find playing slots tedious when you take a look at some of the newest interactive slot games. For instance, these were created specifically to keep the player engaged and having a good time with the game.

Not simply as a way to aim for big payouts, but also just to have some fun with the storyline of. One example is that as you progress through different levels, you qualify for bigger bonus rounds and features that multiply your wins.

Interactive slot games are closer to video or computer games than they are to the original slot game. Most include extremely appealing themes, graphics and components that could keep you entertained for hours on end. Additionally, they may have a “game within the game” which once you trigger, allows you more ways to win.

Some would argue that these games even incorporate certain skills, which is a very different from the concept of what a slot machine is.

Ready to test out a multitude of different games? At 365 Bet, you can do this without making a deposit first. Check out all of the free games or claim our current bonus for a risk-free way to find the right game for you.


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