Huge Progressive Slot Win – Player Collects $25, 217


Mega progressive slot jackpots are the norm at 365Bet and every day, there’s a new jackpot to be won. With some players getting lucky enough to instantly win tens of thousands in one spin. For instance, just recently a player logged into the site from home and a few minutes later hit an impressive jackpot of $25, 21

It’s a dream come true for everyone who plays slot games. But few understand the inner workings of the progressive slot their playing. Therefore, we’ve decided to offer a little insight into how these fascinating games work, and more importantly, how they pay. Perhaps this will help you to decide on the next game you’re going to play online.

What is a Progressive Slot Game?


Just as the name suggests a progressive slot game has a jackpot that doesn’t stay the same. The number changes based on how many players are contributing to the game. Part of the Return to Player (the money that goes back as winnings) goes toward the main prize. But it’s not all or nothing, because a significant portion also goes toward smaller payouts that happen more frequently throughout the game.

Nonetheless, progressive slot games live up to their reputation of paying out massively. In fact, all of the largest slot jackpots ever have been on progressives. Many of which were millions. When an incredibly lucky player wins the main prize, it goes back to a predetermined amount to start building up again.

Linked Progressives

You may have noticed that some progressive slot games build up a jackpot at lightning speed. No, it’s not that the game is so very popular at a specific moment. What you are looking at is likely a linked progressive. Where several games are networked, and all contribute toward the same jackpot prize.

Usually, this linking occurs within the same casino. However, it’s also common for providers to have the games linked among several other casinos as well.

Winning These Slot Types

Some avid slots players will avoid progressives for one reason or another. However, most people love playing them for the payout potential they offer. If you plan to play a progressive, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind beforehand.

Bet the Maximum

Typically, you can only have a chance at winning the main jackpot on a progressive slot by betting the maximum. If you aren’t doing so, the best you can qualify for are the smaller prizes. In which case, it’s often not worth it to play a progressive.

Therefore, if you have an eye on a progressive game, it’s important to be prepared for the maximum bet. But as with all slot games, the only way to know what’s in store is by checking the pay table of the game first. Ready to try your luck on hundreds of different slot games? How about live casino games or sport betting? No need to decide this instant, check out the amazing gaming selections now available at 365Bet.

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